I had a dream of having a canoe light enough to carry across a portage in one trip, with a pack!
I heard that wood-strip canoes were lightweight and strong. So I started building canoes using the wood strip method and experimented with ways to make them even lighter without sacrificing strength.

The 15' 9" Laughing Loon tandem canoe made my dream a reality.
Laughing Loon is a wonderful very lightweight canoe to explore those quiet backwaters anywhere from the Boundry waters of Minnesota to Algonquin Park in Canada and beyond. I grew to love this design, based on a B. N. Morris canoe while paddling in the St. Regis Canoe Wilderness section of the Adirondack Park of New York.

The Laughing Loon is a dream come true. I started by using 3/16" wood strips, instead of the 1/4" strips most other builders use. That's a 25% weight savings right there! The difference in wood thickness does not effect strength. The real strength of this building method is in the fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin.

The Laughing Loon is a good tracking tandem canoe and yet turns with ease. This canoe has the stability to use as a fishing platform or for nature observation.

The light weight of this canoe make it a joy to portage. This canoe has handling characteristics which are extremely good for a tandem canoe, even on windy lakes.

Laughing Loon tandem canoe is easy to just grab and paddle on any water nearby, yet it has the carrying capacity to take you on week long trip in the north woods if you wish.

Here is the Laughing Loon tandem canoe I built for a customer

Laughing Loon 15' 9" long, 36" wide, 13-1/2" deep at center, 23" high at stems Finished weight 45 pounds

Building plans are available

Order Plans or Contact Laughing Loon for details

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