Dark Star dimensions 15' 6" long by 21" wide. weight 28 pounds

Dark Star is the little sister of the Shooting Star. Dark Star shares all the great handling characteristics of all my baidarka designs in a smaller, more nimble, light-weight size. A great day kayak for paddles up to 180 pounds. A great everything kayak for the smaller paddler.

See Ken Katz review of the Shooting Star for Dark Star handling characteristics

The Dark Star© is also a baidarka for the smaller paddler, with enough storage space for extended trips. It has the forward and stern volume typical of the baidarka style which gives the Dark Star as much storage space as many larger length kayaks.

If you are 75 to 180 pounds the Shooting Star will be a good all round kayak for someone at the lower weight range or a good day boat for someone at the the higher end of that weight range.

The Dark Star shares all the great handling of my other baidarka designs.

See the North Star page for details on the unique charactor of my baidarkas

For current pricing for a finished Dark Star follow this link.

Contact Laughing Loon for details.

Plans for the Dark Star are available now!

I have the Dark Star pictured here at my shop for you to view or test paddle.

Now available with a retractable skeg.

The Dark Star tracks very well, as do all my baidarka designs.

A skeg is an additional aid, keeping the kayak running straight and smooth in the two toughest paddling conditions, a strong beam wind, and breaking following seas.

Check out this new video to get you started
stripping your Baidarka sea kayak faster

Building the Baidarka Bow and Stern

Rob shows you, step by step, how he builds his baidarka bow and stern parts. This applies to the bow and stern for any the Star line of baidarkas

See the new Paddle Plans featuring an Aleut Paddle

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