Wee Robbie 10' 6" long 27" wide, Open or Decked versions 18 - 25 pounds.

Wee Robbie's light weight and small size make it a solo boat that's a dream. For the fisherman or explorer it's an easy boat to get to those seemingly inaccessible ponds. Or it's just that little "ready to go" boat for a local moonlight paddle.

The Wee Robbie plans now include the decked and open versions in one set of plans.

You don't have to be small to paddle a Wee Robbie. It can handle up to 250 Ibs. with ease. The fellow in the Wee Robbie in the picture to the right is 6' 6" and weighs 225.

Wee Robbie can also be set up to accommodate two children quite comfortably, or an adult and a child as seen in the photo above left.

The bow and stern of Wee Robbie is built with air tanks, for extra flotation and small decks with a built-in hand hold for carrying. A broad flattened sculpted thwart is the standard back rest in the Wee Robbie.Inspired by Henry Rushton's Wee Lassie, circa 1893, Wee Robbie is close in size and hull design. Rushton's idea for a small solo craft of light weight is experiencing quite a renaissance of enthusiasm with paddlers and builders across the country. This boat style is called a double paddle canoe, because it is paddled with a kayak paddle, in a seated position. At 20 Ibs., this is the ideal boat for a small person or someone who just doesn't want to hurt themselves lifting a heavy boat.

The Wee Robbie can handle up to 250 lbs.

For current pricing on a finished Wee Robbie
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Building plans are available!

Wee Robbie - Specifications; Length: 10'6", Width:27", Depth in center: l0", Weight:18* - 20 Ibs...

*Lighter weight with optional superlight glass lay-up

"I'm a small person, so lightweight was what I wanted first in a solo boat. When I saw how beautiful my boat was, I was totally in love. My best friend shares my feelings about my boat. So much so, that I bought another boat as a present ­ so I could have mine back. "

Pat Beaudry

Built from Plans

"Rob, you may recall that after I made the "kayak" Wee Robbie I ran into some second hand 1/4' strips. I deliberated doing a different boat, but went with the same hull (what can I say, I love it). The strips were a pain of course but the boat is sweet. At any rate, I praise you to the skies for this wonderful design."

Kathy Boyd

"Rob, well, I finally finished the canoe. As you can probably tell from the pictures I made some mistakes but I am pleased with the results for a first canoe. I learned a lot while building and plan on putting my new found knowledge in building another. I appreciate your patience in answering my many questions. Hopefully I can get her on the water soon to try her out..

Thanks again and I will get with you about building another before too long..

Keith Hambel
US Army

My prime reason for building  Wee Robbie ------  Finding a craft for solo fly-fishing on northern Maine waters where my camp is located. Years of fighting  moderate wind & rough water solo in canoes was wearing me out . After testing on comparable CT waters Robbie fits the bill --fitted W/ a rod holder forward of paddle reach it excels  @ trolling also.

Thanks for the plans---here 's the results---took two part time winter seasons to complete ----everybody said to hang it on the wall---too beautiful to use----I had no construction problems---
Thanks again"

Al DeBarba

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