Wee Two's light weight and small size make it a tandem boat that's a dream. For the fisherman or explorer it's an easy boat to get to those seemingly inaccessible ponds. Or it's just that little "ready to go" boat for a local moonlight paddle.

Another of my designs inspired by Henry Rushton's Wee Lassie, circa 1893, Wee Two is a small tandem or solo craft of light weight. At 32 Ibs., this is the ideal boat for a small person or someone who just doesn't want to hurt themselves lifting a heavy boat.This boat style is called a double paddle canoe, because it is paddled with a kayak paddle, in a seated position.

The Wee Two, like the Wee Robbie, is a double paddle canoe. They are called this because one sits on the canoe bottom and paddles the boat with a kayak type paddle. There are a number of advantages to this design.

The kayak paddle provides more power than a traditional canoe paddle, because you stroke on both sides of the boat with no recovery stroke. Strokes on both sides of the boat keep the boat on a straighter course, so less correction strokes are needed. Paddling forward and turning with the kayak paddle is simple and intuitive. No fancy strokes must be learned as in traditional canoe paddling. The paddler sits on the boat bottom creating less windage and more stability.

Double paddle canoes are faster and easier to paddle than traditional canoes, especially for the solo paddler.

The Wee Two can handle up to 400 pounds with ease. Wee Two is set up to accommodate two adults quite comfortably. It is also designed to be paddled solo. The center back rest swivels to face forward or backward depending on whether the boat is used as a solo or tandem. The bow and stern of Wee Two is built with air tanks, for extra flotation and small decks with a built-in hand hold for carrying.

The Wee Two is a terrific first boat project for someone interested in learning the wood strip boat building technique! It's small size and simple shape make it easy to build for the beginner. This boat is a kick because it is so light-weight! Any boat lover would be proud to own a Wee Two.

It has a flattened arch hull bottom with a firm chine for very good initial stability. The bow and stern stems form a sharp vee underwater to improve tracking in wind. The flare of the bow and stern at the sheer line deflects waves for a dry ride in waves. The short length and flattened bottom makes this canoe easy to turn.

Stability is good enough on the Wee Two to set it up as a traditional canoe with seats at the the gunnels if you wish.

I have learned to respect this little boat's capacity and speed. As a builder, I have a lot of personal boats to choose from. I would never be without a Wee Two in my fleet.

Wee Two Specifications Length: 12'6" Width: 30" Depth in center: l0"

Weight: 30 - 32 Ibs.

For current pricing on a finished Wee Two follow this link.

Contact me for details

Building plans are available!

Built from Plans
"Finished my wee two, It turned out great. It was my first boat. Thought I would share,
Thank you from texas,"
Mark Canty

We are planning an official "launch" on Sunday August 30 with family and friends. I can't thank you enough for all the patience and advice you've given me over the past several months - you made this project possible!
        It is amazing how many compliments I received from friends and family alike over the beauty of the canoe.
Again, my sincerest thanks to you for your encouragement and
support. You are a true gentleman.

        Warmest regards,
                Pat Palmieri
Pound Ridge, N.Y.

"Hi Rob,
It’s been so long you probably don’t remember me, but just over a year and a half ago, I purchased a set of your plans for the wee two.  Well it’s finally done!  I launched it a few weeks ago and put it through some very rigorous sea trials…as you know, it is a fine boat.  Last weekend I took it trout fishing with a friend (we had close to 500 lbs in the boat) and it performed flawlessly.  I am looking forward to duck hunting season!  I could have finished the boat sooner, but my work had me traveling a lot in the past year.    
I can’t believe all the compliments I have received from random strangers.  Attached are a few pictures, I hope it meets your approval.
Oh, after taking my wife for a paddle, I have officially been hired to build her a kayak, so this winter you will be hearing from me again. Thanks for helping me build a superb boat.  I look forward to hearing from you."

Keith Meyers
Seattle, WA

"Rob, Just a quick note to say that my Wee Two (named her Lollen) is complete and ready for the water. She is hanging in my garage just waiting for the water to warm up enough for my comfort. Without the seats she weighs 28 lbs.
I have lots and lots of construction pictures if you are interested. She was featured in a full page article in our local newspaper."
Best regards
Lee D. Smith

"Good Morning Rob

 Here are some finished canoe pics of Wee Two. Started 12/17/09  finished it 5/14/10.  It came out nice for first try at stripping. can't wait to take her north to use in the Adirondack lakes & ponds. Weighs in at 39lbs. with seats etc. Learned alot & would do a few things different on next one. It came out the way I wanted for ponds."

Thanks Again
Mac MacKenzie

"Dear Rob:
 Though that you might be interested is seeing a few shots of my Wee Two.
 It took me 2 1/2 years from start to finish but the result was very satisfying!  Thanks for producing such good plans. I have been very impressed with the looks and the stability of the design. It's a perfect boat for my use at the Thousands Islands in Upstate NY. My 88 year old father even takes her out for a paddle.
 By the way, I christened her the "Swadley". But that's another story..."
 Rick Brooks
Johnson City, TN

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