Georgian Bay specifications: Length: 16' 6" Width: 24" Weight: 35 lbs. Cockpit: 33"x18"


Georgian Bay© is the perfect sea kayak for paddlers who want a boat for fishing, photography or nature observations and is also great for the novice. The hull is a shallow-arch design with ample volume carried toward the ends to produce a kayak with high initial stability. The hull flares above the waterline to provide good secondary stability. The rocker incorporated into this design, along with it's shorter length, make it an easy turning sea kayak. The Georgian Bay is a kayak that everyone can feel comfortable in and enjoy, from novice to expert paddler.

Study drawing of Georgian Bay showing profile, plan and body plan views
Georgian Bay is 23" at the waterline. This shallow arch hull produces high initial stability and a maneuverable kayak. This is a great sea kayak for close quarters such as salt marshes and river paddling. A design well suited to fishing and nature observation. The comfortable stability and easy handling of this kayak make a boat a novice can love and yet has the open water tracking and handling characteristics that the seasoned paddler will respect.
A sea kayak classic!
The Georgian Bay has a low sheer line to shed wind. The vertical edge of the stern produces a long waterline/ faster hull and easily accommodates a rudder. Yet this kayak tracks so well you may not want one.

Georgian Bay has roomy, enclosed storage fore and aft. Access to storage is through hard-shell hatches which are water tight. The cockpit coaming is large for comfortable touring. Knees can be raised from the seated position.

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Georgian Bay is a beautiful sea kayak and a joy to paddle!

Building Plans are available.


Built from Plans

I started this project 2 a half years ago.
I was almost teary eyed when I finally put it in the water . She handles like a dream very responsive with little effort and tracks extremely well. I put a rudder on it just because I wanted one for long adventures. Thank you for all your extra help in answering my questions in helping me complete this project.

Thank you Rob Glodowski

The moment is here!! "Georgian Bay" is about to be launched. One push... Yes, Yes!! I'm out of words.What you have created is art!

All the lines you've designed from bow to stern are in perfect harmony. It's a dream!

Thank you very much Rob.

Einar Egelandsdal, Forus, Norway

Compliments for your plans and instructions! Building Georgian Bay with your plans was very easy, step by step explanations, helpful drawings, many tricks!

Martin Lacher, Switzerland

"Dear Rob,

This was a great project and your plans and instructions were excellent. Even though I knew I could call you if I had questions, and that you lived locally, I really had no need, because everything was so clearly outlined.

I just love my boat - it's fast, stable and light, besides being beautiful. It is very fun to paddle, and like everyone says, it draws a lot of attention. I have been told "it is the most beautiful kayak I've ever seen" (it may be the only wooden kayak they've ever seen...). People usually ask who built it, and I patiently explain that I did ("a girl", some think to themselves). It is gratifying to stretch peoples assumptions and this boat really gives pause, so thank you for designing such a beautiful boat to be proud of.

Thanks for all the inspiration and the careful detailing of your plans and instructions.

Best Wishes,"
Lynne Paju
Goshen, MA

I finished my Georgian Bay in March. It handles better than any other I've been in!
Phil Curtis, Davison, MI

I have never seen thus a beautiful boat before...
Now I see the boat for my life.
Georg Wolfram, Hamburg, Germany

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