Mystic Star specifications: Length: 17' Width: 22-1/2" Weight: 38 lbs. Cockpit: 36"x18"
Mystic Star is the newest baidarka design from Laughing Loon.

Mystic Star combines the beam, high volume and stability of the North Star with the shorter length of the Fire Star. Mystic Star is a comfortable, fast cruising kayak.

Classic baidarka bow with toggle handle.
Paddle keeper (shock cord with beads and dolphin) ahead of fore hatch.
A classic Laughing Loon, dark western red cedar deck & sides pattern with ash and flame maple accents.
Above, left to right, deck shock cord hold downs with beads and arctic animal and mystic effigies - bear head, skeg control with jam cleat - Walnut hardwood cockpit coaming with ash and flame maple veneers and foam thigh pads - Carved closed cell foam seat, covered with black neoprene and NSI anatomic adjustable backrest - decal behind seat on bulkhead, Rene Magritte's The Healer - Stainless security loop to lock boat to anything - shock cord with cross bars, to hold paddle for self rescue - Day hatch with rare earth magnet closing system (magnets hidden under deck ring veneer mate with pairs visible on hatch cover) and quick release tether - another deck hold down with beads and effigies, which make lifting the shock cord to store things on deck, easy.
Stern Deck - left to right, Day hatch with finger loop (needed because rare earth magnets are very strong ensuring a waterproof seal on hatch cover gaskets) - shock cord hold downs with beads and effigies - stern hatch cover - shock cord hold downs on the stern deck, on either sides of the stern hatch, secure a break down spare paddle - Stern paddle keeper allows the primary paddle to slide under the beads for securing to deck - Classic baidarka stern with toggle handle and abrasion strip on keel edges.
Day hatch and stern hatch opened and covers secured with quick release tethers

Skeg box is not visible inside stern hatch.

Deck hardware effigies, like the ones pictured on the Mystic Star above, are traditional in native cultures and express respect for the lives and spirits of the creatures which sustain the life of the hunter, and his family and their group.
Let me build a Mystic Star baidarka for you. For current pricing for a finished Mystic Star follow this link. -
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Check out this new video to get you started stripping your Baidarka sea kayak faster
Building the Baidarka Bow and Stern

Rob Macks shows you, step by step, how he builds his baidarka bow and stern parts. This applies to the bow and stern for any of Rob's Star line of baidarkas such as the Mystic Star, Dark Star, Shooting Star, Fire Star, North Star or Twin Star.

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