Page 2 Georgian Bay, 30,000 Islands

Like so many other narrow channels between islands, this one beckons us to come through

My training is as a sculptor. I envy the skillful hand of nature in her fanciful sculpting in this place.

Our campsite at Black Bay, near Bying Inlet
After the storm at our first campsite on Phillip Edward Island
Sunrise South of East Fox Island
Near Cunningham's Island, north of Bying Inlet.
Joe, Peter and me... make baidarkas three!!!
You can just see Joe's tent in the lower center of this photo. East Fox Island campsite at sunrise.
Just a few of the 30,000 Islands
Plenty of rock to go around for everybody!
Just another Killarney Sunset
Georgian Bay Trip video #1

Georgian Bay Trip video #2

Georgian Bay trip video #3

Here are a few videos of paddling on Georgian Bay
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